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GALAXY ACADEMY provides customized 2D Engineering drafting services. We have a team of highly qualified architects, structural, electrical and mechanical engineers, and draftsmen who understand the country wise codes and specifications worldwide and have the experience to generate accurate 2D drawings.

Drafting Services__
  • Design Assistance
  • 2D AutoCAD Drafting and Detailing
  • Conceptual Designing
  • Construction Drawings
  • Shop Drawings
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Pdf, tiff Jpeg, BMP to CAD Conversion
GALAXY ACADEMY uses the latest modeling technology to deliver fully coordinated 3D BIM models for its clients, making it easy for them to virtually visualize the project. Our BIM modeling services are catered for every building type or project including residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use buildings, healthcare facilities, airports, infrastructure and other construction projects. We help you identify possible errors in design or improvement areas in building design based on smarter 3D design tools and virtual tours

3D modeling services__
  • Information Rich 3D BIM Models from 2D Drawings
  • 3D clash detection and resolution
  • 3D clash reports
  • Prefabrication 3D Models
  • AutoCAD to Sketchup Models
  • Sketchup to BIM 3D models
  • Custom Revit Family/Library Creation for Architecture/structure/MEP/Building systems BIM objects
  • Safety and Logistics BIM Modeling

Visualization Services__
  • Architectural 3D modeling and rendering
  • Architectural 3D walkthroughs
  • Interior 3D rendering and walkthroughs
  • Furniture and Product modeling and rendering
GALAXY ACADEMY delivers 4D models which enables the various project participants (from architects, designers, contractors to owners) of a construction project to visualize the entire duration of a series of events and display the progress of construction activities through the lifetime of the project.

Construction Scheduling services__
  • 3D to 4D BIM
  • Scheduling
  • Project Phasing simulations
  • Lean Scheduling
  • Detailed Simulation installation
  • Visual Validation for payment approval
GALAXY ACADEMY delivers 5D models which enables the various project participants (from architects, designers, contractors to owners) of a construction project to visualize the progress of construction activities and its related costs over time. We deliver 5D virtual design and construction models loaded with complete information about the material requirement and cost at every stage across construction project. Any change in the design has a cascading effect on other factors such as estimation of material quantities, and hence related costs.

5D Costing Services__
  • BIM 4D to 5D
  • Quantity Takeoff
  • Value Engineering
  • Budget Visualization
  • Prefabrication Solution
  • Cost Estimation
GALAXY ACADEMY helps Architects, Builders, Contractors and property developers in Green Building initiatives and LEED Certification. We provide eQuest modeling services for various parameters like lighting, location, solar insulation etc. Our Team of specialists are well versed with GCC Regional Codes to assist in Green Building Planning for Necessary local approvals. Our customized ‘LEED + Revit’ deliverables are very useful for sustainable projects pursuing UDGBC’s LEED rating factors such as Estimation of materials; quantities and hence the related costs.

Sustainability BIM Services__
  • Energy Modeling
  • Building Energy Consumption Analysis
  • Reflection and glare plants
  • Daylight Simulation
  • Light Pollution Detailing
  • Shadow and visibility analysis
  • Acoustic Simulation
  • Conceptual Energy Analysis
  • Detailed Energy Analysis
  • Sustainable Element tracking
  • LEED Tracking
GALAXY ACADEMY provides its clients with As-Built BIM model which contains all relevant building component information such as product data and details, maintenance/operation manuals, cut sheet specifications, photos, warranty data, web links to online sources of the product, manufacturer information and contacts. This information centric data base is made globally accessible to the users/owners through a customized, proprietary secure environment. The accuracy of these BIM models aids facility managers in the operation and maintenance of the facility throughout its life cycle.

BIM Facility Management Services__
  • BIM Embedded O&M Manuals
  • Asset Management Services
  • Space Management and Tracking
  • Record Modeling
  • COBie data extraction
GALAXY ACADEMY creates comprehensive BIM models which are sufficiently detailed to generate construction drawings and documentation. It includes an accurate set of drawings incorporating appropriate data regarding each step of the construction process and all details required to make a comprehensive estimate and ultimately construct the project. GALAXY ACADEMY has expertise in delivering highly accurate construction documents as per requisite construction codes, standards and specifications

BIM documentation services__
  • Schematic Documentation
  • Design Development Stage
  • Pre-Bid Documentation
  • Construction Documentation
  • Shop Drawings
  • As-Built Drawings
GALAXY ACADEMY reduces the risks associated with using BIM information by developing an assurance and validation process. We use rule-based checking software to ensure that data that is entered is valid and in accordance with the project delivery plan. BIM creates a computable building model that can be directly analyzed and checked by software tools. GALAXY ACADEMY helps clients to harness this potential to ensure high quality BIM and data deliverables through model checking.

BIM Model Validation services__
  • Developing Revit Model Review Checks
  • Validating through Solibri Model checker